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  • Flat Panel solar water heater (FPS01)

    Product Name:
    Flat Panel Solar Water Heater  
    Circulation Type:
    Indirect / Open Loop (Active)
  • Auxiliary tank

     Used in non-pressure solar water heater system and pre-heating solar water heater system
  • Magnesium rod

    Used in the tank 
    Direct insert type or screw type
  • Electric heater

    Used in rain or cloudy day if the water in tank is not warm enough
  • Intelligent controller of split system

    1.Dmension: 120mmx120mmx18mm
    2.Power supply:200V-240V  AC  or  100V-130V  AC,50-60Hz.    
    3.Power consumption:  < 4W 
    4.Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 2°C
    5.Range of collector temperature measuring: -10oC ~200°C
    6.Range of tank temperature measuring: 0°C ~110°C
    7.Suitable power of pump: 3 pumps possible to be connected, power of each pump <= 300W . 
    8.Suitable power of electrical heater: 1pc <= 1500W .
    9.Inputs: 4 sensors, 
    1pcs*PT1000 sensor (≤500°C) for collector (silicon cable≤280°C),
    3pcs*NTC10K, B=3950 sensor (≤ 135°C) for tank, (PVC cable ≤105°C), 
    10.Outputs:4 relays, for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve 
    11.Ambient temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C.
    12.Water proof grade: IP40.
  • Integrative intelligent controller for pressurized system

    1.Dimension: 187mm×128mm×46mm
    2.Self power consumption: <3W
    3.Electromagnetic valve parameter: DC 12V, AC 220V,pressurized valve and un-pressurized valve are available for selection
    4.Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2°C
    5.Temperature range of measurement: 0~99°C
    6.Power of auxiliary electrical booster≤2000W 
    7.Ambient temperature: -10~50°C
    8.Water proof grade: IP40
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